How To Read Poetry: 5 Simple Steps

How To Read Poetry

It’s quite understandable that poetry is rather too complicated to be read. Fine. And this might have been the reason you read that poem before, but still didn’t get to read it the way it was meant to be read. The reason simply is, you do not know how to read poetry the right way.

Poets are known for spending loads of time cum efforts arranging, rearranging, and formatting their poems, so as to make specific effects such as sound, refrain, et al when it’s being read. This all gives such work of art its meaning, and when correctly read, it makes the poem get appreciated to its full length and width.

Thus, to make things easier for you next time, in this article, I’ll be briefly explaining to you, 5 basic steps to reading a poem perfectly.

Without much ado, please let’s set down to work.

How To Read Poetry With Ease.


1) Understand how verses/lines, stanzas, and punctuation is used.

Poetry is totally different from what the layman thinks it is. That is a mere conjunction of words that rhymes. No! Poetry is not a scheme of mere fancy words that are meant to rhyme, rather it is a work of art that gets formed & structured by putting the brain into rigorous thinking.

However, the level of the writers thinking depends on what such a writer is talking about, and also the kind of audience he/she is speaking or willing to speak to.

2) Be Familiar With, And Understand Depth.

You need to realize and also understand the fact that poets do not make use of words casually. The words the write/say are presented in a more restricted form than the casual writer.

A poet might be willing to work within some established rhyme schemes and meter to use words in surprising and unexpected ways that will strike the hearts of its readers more.

How To Read Poetry
How To Read Poetry: 5 Simple Steps

3) Understand Your Punctuations

Punctuation plays a significant role in poetry. Hence, to successfully read a poem right, you need to understand how punctuation works.

Most importantly, you need to know, that just because a line/verse end/breaks doesn’t necessarily mean the sentence did, thereby signifying a pause. The pause you take for breath, comes at each punctuation – as the case may be, regardless of where it occurs in the line.

4) Know Your Vocabulary

When reading a poem in a particular language, you need to know and get acquainted with the language employed at least to a reasonable percentage.

Surely, It’s quite understandable that as an avid reader, achieving this feat might be daunting and very tasking. However, don’t be scared nor turned off from reading such languages. Instead, grab a dictionary of that language, alongside a cup of coffee, and devour words you’re not too familiar with in the poem you’re reading, in there.
Just as simple as that!

It doesn’t mean you’re dumb if you repeat this regularly, instead, it simply means, you’re ready and willing to learn.

5) Never Relent

Don’t stop reading poetry. Read loads of poems from various poets, with the time you’ll get used to reading any form of poetry – even poems written in the greatest form of abstract. It just takes time.

How To Read Poetry
Conclusion – How To Read Poetry: 5 Simple Steps.

So dear reader, that’s basically all for now on how to read poetry.

Reading poetry is interesting, educating, and very refreshing. Everything boils down to the way you read each poem. And with these an ice explained steps, reading poetry would no longer be an issue.

However, should you have reservations, even more, information, questions, et al, kindly drop them at the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, please keep reading. Keep enjoying poetry!


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