How To Use A Beard Trimmer: 4 Simple Steps

How To Use A Beard Trimmer

How To Use A Beard Trimmer

How To Use A Beard Trimmer; This section is basically for persons who haven’t made use of a beard Trimmer before now. I mean, someone who hasn’t made use of the beard Trimmer all by himself before, and is thereby feeling or rather becoming anxious towards using it.

Also, this article would serve a great function to those who although has made use of the Beard Trimmer before, have forgotten the proper process they underwent or wasn’t totally satisfied with the result gotten during their previous trials.

Hence, in other to quit wasting your hard earned monies, it is quite important cum necessary to learn how to use a based trimmer – irrespective of the brand or type.

Hence, tandem to this, just below are a few tips which have been carefully curated, aimed at helping you get the most out of your beard trimmer. However, irrespective of everything learned herein, it’s quite important to note that getting acquainted with using the beard trimmer properly isn’t just a daily task or something achieved over the night. Instead, it requires a series of trials and practices.


How To Use A Beard Trimmer: 4 Simple Steps

1) Wash Your Beard. Dry Thoroughly Too.

This is the first step to take towards using your heard trimmer – wash the heard thoroughly, then proceed to dry the beard.

It’s unless you desire to catapult your beard into the danger zone, never use a beard trimmer on your beard without first washing the heard and then getting it to dry thoroughly.

Asides from the damage this would cause to the beard trimmer, its a risk never to be taken, especially for the unhealthy effects, it has on shrubs and undergrowth.

Having gotten that, let’s move to wash the beard in proper…

When washing, it’s important to note that using any kind of soap in your beard is as good as jot washing the beard at all before trimming it.

To this, it is usually recommended that you as a user, should make use of a quality beard shampoo when washing your beard. Take to heart the emphasis on the “beard shampoo”. This simply connotes that not just any kind of shampoo should also be used. But solely one designed specifically for the beards. In essence, the shampoo you apply on your head necessarily shouldn’t be that which you’d apply on the beard. Many times, such shampoo is not suitable for both users.

So after washing the beard, as mentioned earlier, proceed to pat-drying it. This could be done effectively using a hand towel.

Immediately after drying, its recommended you make use of a beard comb on the already dried beard. This helps in establishing a balance on the bearded set.

2) Choose The Right Length Setting

If you’re new to beard trimming, it is recommended by experts that you use the longest length setting for a start.

This is advised, so you would be able to prevent yourself from cutting your beard too short as you’re getting the carried away from the pleasure your new trimmer gives.

However, to you who are already used to trimming before now, you can make use of the length setting which best fits your beard.

3) Commence Trimming In Proper

So after all the pre-trimming exercises (washing the beard, pat drying, and choosing the right length setting), then you can begin trimming in proper.

First — The Neck And Cheek.

Irrespective of any style you want to achieve from trimming, every trimming process should start with the neck.

So for the neck, firstly, you need to remove the length adjustment attachment of your trimmer. After this, you proceed to shave clean. However, please remember to use the right neckline. This helps in serving as an indicator showing where your beard should begin.

Don’t get confused, thinking to trim the beard, as this above has just explained that the process isn’t much of a herculean task. It’s quite simple. All you need is just to take your time, and practice even more regularly. Also, do not rush while trimming, instead shave a bit at a time

How To Use A Beard Trimmer
How To Use A Beard Trimmer

After the neck is the cheek…

Firstly, you need to get the cheek line. The cheek line is basically to create an accurate definition of the kind of beard style you wish to achieve via your trimming. In addition to this, adding a cheek line adds a suitable framing to the face.

After defining the cheek line, then begin trimming the hairs on your cheeks!

However, I advise you to be very careful at this stage, whilst also paying attention to details.


This is because a mistake can cost you the whole beards.


Hairs that grow in the cheek are used to grow very slow, relative to how those in the neck hair. So, therefore, just a mistake would cost you a heap of time to cover up.

To avoid this is actually simple – take your time while trimming!

Finally – The Chin.

After trimming the neck, and the cheek next is the chin!

Following the same procedure stated above for both the neck and cheek, you’d find it quite easy to trim hairs in the chin.


4) Comb.

…and this is actually the end process! Combing.

After you’re done with trimming, the next important step to take is to make use of a beard comb.

This would help you, the trimmer to know and get familiar cum rid of every beard growing strangely or uncourtly, which you might have missed earlier when trimming.

Ensure you do not make use of just any comb, but of good and quality ones, which would serve its actual purpose.

How To Use A Beard Trimmer
How To Use A Beard Trimmer


…and it’s a wrap! That’s just everything you need to know on how to use a beard trimmer.

The 4 important steps you need to take when handling a beard trimmer, either as a beginner or otherwise.

Should you have thoughts, why not share them with us. It’s nice to hear from you, you know.

I await you at the comment section of this post. See ya!