Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

European football has grown widely popular across the globe amongst every other regional football, which is owing to the high progress football clubs within these regions are experiencing. Ranging from financial successes to competition winning-streak, acquisition of world-class players, social media popularity, etc. As several European football clubs exist, it’s imperative to draw the line. To state the bests amongst several other clubs, based on the aforementioned factors. So here in this post are the top 10 football clubs in Europe, in 2018.

And without much ado, let’s get started with the list.

10. AS Roma

AS Roma - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

Number 10 on our list is the AS Roma.

Having outclassed the world-classed football club, Barcelona, thus edging them out of the 2017/2018 Champions League Quarter-Finals, they’ve rapidly moved up to the tenth spot on our list.

Their campaign throughout the season is a beautiful one to recline with. Hence their reward as the 3rd positioned club in the 2017/2018 Champions league tournament.

However, their local league, Seria A’s campaign isn’t been on the good side overall. Perhaps due to the high intensity that gripped Seria A when it commenced another season in August 2018.

Irrespective, AS Roma, stays at the tenth spot on our list of top 10 football clubs in Europe.


NAPOLI - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

Napoli’s dangerous cum dexterous trio consisting of Lorenzo Insigne, Dries Mertens, and Jose Callejon were the angels used in handing over their local league to the team.

Under the coaching of Maurizio Sarri, Napoli has effectively been on the face of European football of late. Especially within the last 2 seasons.

They’re one of the best clubs in Seria A as well.



United is placed 8th!

This, however, is a drop look-alike, as they used to be higher on the ranking.

After the successful 2016/2017 league campaign under Manager Jose Mourinho, the Red Devils can be noticed to be on the recline.

Although the league campaign for the 2018 season started out fine, the club seems unable to keep up with the pressure and has since then been dropping form drastically. Hence the cause for their drop in rank in our top 10 football clubs in Europe for 2018.

To perhaps make things take shape, the management has sacked Jose, thereby hiring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. We hope to see more positive changes as the new manager already signed a tenant deal with the club, after a long period of probation.

Herein the Manchester United team are star players which include Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Marcus Rashford, Romelo Lukaku, David De Gea, and several others.


Bayern Munich - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018
Bayern Munich

Asides being amongst the top European clubs all time, Bayern Munich should also be applied for successfully taking on the feat of being the most consistent club around the world.

Although with a recent drop of form and accolades, which as a result affected their ranking, thereby placing them as the 7th on our list.


Liverpool - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

Ever since Manager Jurgen Klopp took over at Liverpool, the club has experienced exceptional improvements in all ramifications. Which includes, but not limited to the consistency of results, league laudable performances, etc.

The Merseyside Red club was the finalist of to 2018 Champions League, before eventually losing the race to their contender, Real Madrid.

Liverpool has won the Premier league last in 1990. But however, looks more like this season.

Top players in the team include Mohammed Salah, Mane, Virgil, Ferminho, and several other players.


PARIS SAINT GERMAIN - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

History wouldn’t forget PSG having made two world record signings of youngsters Neymar and Kylian Mbappe during the transfer window opening last two summers.

This step as however play a crucial role in the elevation of the team as a top contender amongst several other European clubs.

Having taken the lead in their local league race, Paris Saint-German is 5th on our list of top 10 football clubs in Europe as and 2018.


Juventus - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

Truth be told, it would be very tough to highlight a few weaknesses cum faults in the Old Lady’s possession-based style of play.

The team as a whole is extremely dangerous when executing an attack and turn the ability to spontaneously regain the ball after losing it is own to reckon with.

Last season before signing the star football player, Cristiano Dos Santos Ronaldo is a beautiful history to always remember. The team had a total of 99 goals in all competitions.

This is as a result of the high converting rates Juventus’ attackers possess.

As a plus to this, Is Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined the team last summer. The star has seen to a lot of improvement to the Old Lady’s team, and as consequently added to the online popularity the club possesses.


Real Madrid -Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018
Real Madrid

And on our third spot is Real Madrid! Sometimes in the past regarded as the king of football.

The La Liga side with the likes of Marcelo, Ronaldo (Left) Benzema, And Bale as their star players saw an upshoot last summer, after beating the Merseyside Red (Liverpool) in the Finals of The Champions League to lift the trophy.

Asides this, their domestic campaign is one to reckon with, after leveraging a tough battle with Barcelona FC and Athletico Madrid.


MANCHESTER CITY - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

Pep Guardiola’s team is rooted in the second spot, in our list of top 10 football clubs in Europe. At present, the team can even be touted as the best.

Having won a series of trophies in the present and near past – the premier league inclusive. And as well finishing as a semifinalist in the champions league.

Manchester City’s atta king prowess is one which can’t be overrated and has seen to the damage of many opponents throughout their title race.

Their strength which is believed to be their midfield, having poised players like De Bruyne. All in all, the Blue Sides deserved to be at this position!


Barcelona - Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

And our winner is Barcelona FC!

Truth be told, many a person would not have expected the team to perform at the optimum level they’re doing at present. Following their loss of Neymar, and the retirement of yet another key player, Iniesta.

However, having signed players like Vidal and Arthur, the team got balanced back, and they’ve been soaring ever since then.

Although lost in the semifinals to ROMA, Barcelona still deserves the best European team in the world for 2018.

Conclusion – Top 10 Football Clubs In Europe, 2018

So that would be all on our list of top 10 football clubs in Europe for 2019.

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